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The Toronto Listening Center conducted a study on the effectiveness of the Tomatis Method, in which the parents of 400 children and adolescents who had recently completed the program reported seeing improvements in the following areas according to the given percentages: Communication, 89%; Attention Span, 86%; Reading Comprehension, 85%; Frustration Level, 80%; Quality of Speech, 74%; Memory, 73%; Spelling, 69%. In addition, when surveyed again after six months 83% of parents reported that their children maintained or improved on their initial gains in these areas.

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The Listening Center provides all of its services through licensed & certified professionals.

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We are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients through implementation of The Tomatis Method of Therapeutic Listening. Using state of the art techniques we are effecting positive change in people's lives by teaching them to listen.

The Tomatis Method, developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis, is an intensive clinic based auditory re-education program designed to improve one’s ability to listen and understand spoken language by improving auditory processing skills. Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) can result in learning disabilities, reading and spelling problems, dyslexia, spoken communication problems as well as behavioral problems.

Through exact implementation of The Tomatis Method, children and adults’ auditory processing skills are enhanced, resulting in improved learning, listening and communicating that can result in a better quality of life.