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Each client's Tomatis program is tailored to meet his or her specific needs. The length of the program is typically determined by the nature, length and severity of the problem, and the client's response to the therapy.


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The International Journal of Listening

The Effects of The Tomatis Method of Auditory Stimulation on Auditory Processing Disorder: A Summary of Findings

Deborah Ross-Swain Ed.D., CCC Speech-Language Pathologist, Owner/Director of The Swain Center & The Listening Centers

ABSTRACT: The study's purpose is to determine the efficacy of the Tomatis Method of auditory stimulation as a therapeutic intervention for Auditory Processing Disorders (APD). 41 subjects (18 females, 23 males; 4.3 to 19.8 years old) were evaluated for A.P.D.. Performance on standardized tests indicated weaknesses with auditory processing skills. Each subject participated in a 90 hour Tomatis Method protocol and, once completed, was re-evaluated to measure improvement. All subjects demonstrated improvement with skills of immediate auditory memory, auditory sequencing, interpretation of directions, auditory discrimination and auditory cohesion. Pre & post treatment comparison indicated statistically significant differences in the aforementioned skills. These findings suggest that the Tomatis Method of auditory stimulation can be effective as an intervention strategy for A.P.D..

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This article was published in the International Journal of Listening, Vol. 21, Number 2, 2007 and is copyrighted by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc (LEA). Readers must contact LEA for permission to reprint or use the material in any form.

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